Although our company was founded in 2008, Nitro Fertilizer offers its customers over 24 years of experience in the specialized field of liquid fertilizers. We currently find our home in the free state but our ability to distribute nationally makes us strong competitors in our market.  Our aim is to green up South Africa and allow our hard working farmers some guidance and assistance in a safer and greener way to fertilize their crops.


Liquid Fertilizer

Nitro fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer that contains ammonium nitrate molecules that assist in the growth and metabolic processes that the plant undergoes.  This type of fertilizer yield rapid plant growth and increase fruit production capacity of a plant.For this reason our products are ideal for farming and even gardening, ensuring all lawns, golf courses or even sporting fields are in immaculate condition.


We currently have a fleet of tankers that are ready to distribute not only our fertilizers but any Haschem requirement to any national location and at any time.




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